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Any project cannot be a success if proper planning is not carried out in advance of any other element in the process.

Our initial step is to meet up and understand your business, your needs and what you are aiming to achieve. Then we can perform a competitive analysis to assess your strengths and weaknesses in relation to those of your competitors.  From here we will be able to propose a game-plan that is aligned with your business objectives.

SEO Audit


An assessment will provide a clear picture of current situation and pave way for a clear direction to improve SEO efforts going forward. 

We will carry our evaluation on the effectiveness of your website to rank in search engines and identify the factors that are preventing your website from ranking as high as it is expected.

A variety of audits are carried out ranging from; content audit, technical audit, competitor audit and social audit.

The outcome of this analysis will help us to understand which factors merit highest priority to achieve the intended goals.




Optimization and conversion maximization are critical in the iterative process to implement actions that adds value in your SEO strategy.  

With a firm grip of the current scenario, we will start optimizing your website by executing an SEO program that leads to ramp-up the traffic towards your website. However, ranking high in a search engine is not enough and we work to maximise your conversions to increase leads, potentials and sales.



Making Businesses Visible Online.


Our SEO packages includes the following features: 

  • Site Health Analysis – Your web page is analysed to identify and address variables that impact your site’s overall health. Here we look at indexing errors, alogorithim changes or manual actions that are impacting your site health.
  • Competitive Analysis – Companies within the same industry are competing for your keywords. We’ll analyse the competition strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities to reap success.
  • Technical Optimization – We make sure that the website or selected pages are fully optimized to achieve best rankings and increase conversion of visitors to buying customers. To do so we combine SEO and web design and development to yield a flawless user experience.
  • Link-Building – We build links with highly ranking sites that hooks back to your website. This will leave rage the credibility and traffic of these websites and improve your SEO.
  • Content Marketing – Content is king in the online world and one has to work to publish significant fresh content to improve ranking. Our content writers develop new page content, blog posts, case studies or white papers to ensure that your website remains attractive to increased traffic and improved search engine ranking.


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