General Cleaners Web Design and Development

General Cleaners Web Development Project

General Cleaners contacted Visibly to carry out a web design and development of their website. The company has undergone a rebranding exercise and the next natural stage was a new website to showcase their services. The process from the old to the new website, was fast and no downtime was present. The migration process at Visibly, has been carefully optimised to ensure that the website launch is a happy moment, where you can sit back and let Visibly do our job.

The web hosting of this website utilises premium service provider which has guaranteed 99% uptime. As part of our package we offer back up service of the website. In other words, this will put your mind at rest, that a backup exists if things go wrong for some reason. To learn more on the importance of hosting, check our article on the topic.

The font selected by Visibly’s web designers  for this project, was Montserrat in regular and bold weight. The color scheme revolved around dark blue (#0436a9) and olive drab (#67ab4a).

Techniplast Blue

Web Design Features

An elegant menu was found to be overlaying the background. The header converts into a menu bar on scroll.  After that, the hompage web design include a dynamic rotating slogan text. This gives an overview of the vast range of services offered by the client. Besides, a prominent  Call-to-action ‘Book Now’ button is used to generate customer bookings.


The focus of the homepage revolved four main service categories. Accordingly, Visibly web designers created four tiles, one for each service category. Each tile had an image which on click rotated to provide a brief summary of the service, leading the user to read more. The design colors and typography used were consistent to match the other sections of the website. Each tile has a background image that reflect the service. The designers use a combination of text and images, to enhance the user experience.  Each tile has a spotlight effect created using a radial gradient effect on the blue overlay.


Additionally, the homepage web design includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Therefore, this enables easy sharing of commonly asked questions to the users on the services of the client. The FAQ section design is an accordion style, which open and closes on click.

This web development project has a mobile toilet calculator. Basically, this calculator assist users to estimate the number of mobile toilet they need for their particular event. Here you can see the calculator developed. The web developers followed the requirements of the international standard EN 16194. As can be seen, the design of this tool accounted for the type of event, duration of the event and other aspects such as alcohol consumption.

Mobile Optimised Website 

All the websites at Visibly, are mobile optimised.  In fact, the design and development of the General Cleaners website involves the application of a ‘mobile-first’ approach. The result consists of a website that looks good and be fast enough when viewed from a phone, just like a desktop.

Vacancies Portal

One essential need of the customer is to have a robust recruitment portal. Visibly designed and developed a recruitment page to assist the client recruitment process. Each role can see a unique page showing the job description. The candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their details and CV through the website directly. After that, the General Cleaners Recruitment Manager will receive these applications for evaluation.


Concluding Remarks

Visibly is a Malta based web development and digital marketing agency.  We cater for any kind of web design and digital marketing project. Our experience in catering with a range of company size and project requirements.

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