Enba Wines & More eCommerce Website

Enba Wines & More E-Commerce Website Project

Enba is an established wine distributor and retailer. Visibly has been contacted to web design and web development and eCommerce website. Enba wanted an elegant website design of the eCommerce website. The company wanted to make the transition from physical stores to an online store.

Visibly  web designs have selected elegant typography that match the brand of the client.  Cinzel was the typography selected for website headers and Lora was the typography for body text. The colour scale consisted of a blend of maroon and natural earth colours that complement the logo and natural element of wine.


Web Design Features

The homepage design of Enba website consists of an elegant and minimal style. Enba website design has a slider that portrays wine related breath-taking scenery. This automatic slider had a superimposed log and menu that complements beautifully to the website concept. A bottom border was designed to complement the branding colours.


 A feature in the web design of this website consisted of wine category tiles. Each tile was designed to enlarge and increase focus, once hovered over. The flagship bottles of wines were placed horizontally on a flat surface design. Each tile leads to a particular wine type of the user choosing.


eCommerce Website Features

A main focus of this web development project was to sell products online. Visibly has developed an eCommerce platform that provides a secure and smooth flow for Enba’s customers.

The user journey starts with the user selecting the type of wine that he is interested in from the shop page. The shop contains a catalog of all the client products, where they are available for purchase on a 24/7 basis.

The developers at Visibly have implemented product filters, to help customers purchase what they had in mind with ease.

Each product have an individual page where the customers can look into more detail. Eventually products are added to the cart and purchased. Visibly web development included the process of transferring funds from the customer to Enba through a secure payment gateway.

eCommerce Integrations

To decrease time required by our client to manage the website, Visibly has taken a number of initiatives.

The inventory system used by the client was integrated with the website. This means that stock control is completely automated, with no need to think of out of stock items or price changes.

A salient feature of any eCommerce is the delivery. In this project Visibly’s web development team has made the options to either collect the order from the store or else delivered through a courier. Our team has also made this process as simple as possible by integrating the website with the courier system. This means, that once an order is made, the courier gets triggered to collect it. How simpler than this can it get?

Concluding Remarks

Here you can find the final design of the Enba Ecommece website. Visibly is a Malta based web development and digital marketing agency.  We cater for any kind of web design and digital marketing project. Our experience in catering with a range of company size and project requirements. Contact us, if you feel bold enough to make the move and start selling online today!

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