Want to Sell Online? An e-commerce website is the solution

If you plan to take your business to the next level and start an online store, then you came to the right spot. There are a number of leading eCommerce platform that one can decide to use WooCommerce, Magneto, Shopify and more.  These platforms are used by industry leaders across the world to built a professional and scalable e-shop.

The big question remains, which of these platforms is best to suit your business needs. Visibly has built a number of e-commerce websites where we always encouraged the use of WooCommerce. The main reasons for this natural choice, lies on the reliability and flexibility of WooCommerce which proved to be the best eCommerce solution for any kind of business.


What are the advantages of WooCommerce to built your e-Commerce website?


1. Full WordPress Compatibility

First of all, WooCommerce is fully integrated with WordPress which is a global Content Management System (CMS) that powers over 30% of the entire internet.  Thus, WooCommerce as starters adopts the benefits that WordPress offers.


2. SEO Friendly

WooCommerce SEO friendly interface is aligned with search engines ranking requirements.  This enables your online store to be visible on the web and do what they are intended for – Sell. Irrespective of the appealing design of your online store, it is of little benefit if your website is not visible to prospective customers.

WooCommerce built-in features go well with search engines such as Google and Bing which leads to optimal conversion rates.


3. Simple to Use

A great feature of WooCommerce is the ease with which customers are able to buy products in order to make buying as simple as possible. Not only this, but it is also highly simple for anyone to update the store with new products, changes in descriptions, images, prices, shipping rates, and more, without the need to have an expert developer on speed dial.


4. Sell Anything You Want

WooCommerce versatility is presented in enabling to sell anything from products to physical and virtual services in a single purchase or subscription model.


5. Allows You to Monitor Sales

An excellent in-built feature of Woo-Commerce is the store dashboard which provides analytics on sales based on different attributes such as products, time, sales, and more. This enables online store owners to monitor their sales performance and take actions such as promotions and campaigns to increase the sales revenue.


6. Caters for mobile users

With 34% of online retail purchases now happen on mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a mobile-optimized online store.  WooCommerce features can achieve mobile-optimized website to achieve sales from customers who wish to make their purchases from their smartphone.

Moreover, WooCommerce comes with a native IOS and android application that allows orders to be managed straight from your mobile whenever you are.


7. Stable and continuously updated

WooCommerce provides updates to all its users in order to continually improve their system. New features are added to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies. WooCommerce is a powerful and stable platform that is supported by an extensive community of developers around the world. You do not need to worry about how to train your staff on new versions and features since WooCommerce provides FAQs, videos, and tutorials to assist users to overcome any problems that they might face in setting and maintaining your online store.


Concluding Remarks

If having your business available to your customers on 24/7 basis intrigues you. Then an e-commerce website is definately your next move. WooCommerce is a global platform that enables millions of businesses to sell their products and services online.

Visibly has extensive experience in building WooCommerce e-commerce websites that defines business and puts them ahead of the curve in achieving competitive advantage.

Contact us today, for a free-consultation in order to identify how Visibly can support your business to reach your business goals in the online domain.

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