Great Customer Service is Paramount to Every Business Success

Great customer service involves not only meeting the customer needs, but also provides experienced advice to assist customers best interest in taking the right decisions. All of us encountered great product with unreliable customer service. The outcome being bad customer experience.

The success of any service company should be measured based on the ability to have the service delivered an instrumental factor to the success of the customer

Everyone dislikes sending emails or calling and be ignored and harassed by auto reply emails or answering machines that lead to nowhere. Customers want actions when they need it. Is this why they are paying for? In fact, at Visibly we have a 24/7 support system where customers can call one of our support agents and be provided with a resolution on the spot or a specific gameplan on how to address the request based on its’ complexity.

Great customer service, comes from a combination of the following three elements;


1. Competent Customer Service Staff

Lack of competence and experience, leads to have simple issues turned into complete nightmares for not reason. So, it is critical that employees entasked with customer support should be trained and then assessed periodically in order to understand the effectiveness of the delivered training programme. Customer Support is a key function as it is the front-office of your business. As the saying goes, first-impressions matter and despite being old, this is equally relevant to digital products and service without any exception.


2. Treat your employees well

If you want to take or your customers, you first want to take care of your employees. You cannot expect that your employees take care of your customers unless you take care of them in the first place. Research continue to show, over and over again that motivated and happy employees go the extra mile to problem-solve untraditional issues.

The “that is not my job” culture is created due to lack of employee nurturing which turns out to be disastrous on companies given that the customer will see the company and not the employee who provided a sub-standard service. Empowered employees turns out to provide personalized service to customer, which provides a feeling that the customer matter and not just another account number in a database. When an employee have an organizational commitment, customer requests are addressed quicker and right the first time.


3. Analyze customers signals

Customers leave and join for a reason. Thus, one needs to carefully built a process to gather the right data in order to provide great customer service. This ranges from the number of repeat requests to lost customers after being supported.

Ultimately, customer support personnel shall be given all the freedom in the world, with one condition – that to meet and exceed customer expectations at all times. Companies, shall have systems in place to monitor performance of customer service, and build a continuous improvement culture that enables to turn the wrongs in lessons learnt that will improve companies  in their endeavor to support their customers.

Needless to say, that retaining customers makes more sense then looking for new ones. Thus it is essential that great customer service is provided to keep customers loyal to your business – and earn a positive reputation of  a company that genuinely care.


Concluding Remarks

Visibly philopsophy since its’ inception has always been to provide word-class customer service in a professional manner. Cusomer eccentricity is not a rant, but a culture which all the team at Visibly embrace on a day to day to add maximum value to all our clients irrespective of the size of the project.

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