Maltese Government Website Funding For Businesses

Are you a business that is looking to develop a fresh new website to increase sales? If yes, that’s a bold move, which Visibly can assist you in developing portfolio websites and e-commerce websites whilst benefiting from government schemes to fund your web development project.

Thus if developing a website is within your agenda to boost sales, but costs have always been a limiting factor, this does not need to remain this way!

Luckily, in Malta in order to promote businesses to go online, there is a number of government grants that can support the costs associated with web development. Let’s have a look at one of the most popular Government grant.

Micro Invest

Malta Enterprise has launched the Micro Invest scheme to encourage business entities ranging from start-ups, companies and self-employed to invest in their business and promote growth.

Businesses that apply for the Micro Invest scheme shall be eligible for up to 45% tax credits for businesses operating from Malta and up to 65% for businesses operating from Gozo. That’s right! You can get as much as almost half of your website costs back by applying for the Micro Invest Scheme.

That’s right! You can get as much as half of your website costs back by applying for the Micro Invest Scheme.

The Micro Invest scheme covers costs associated with:

  • Development of websites and digital applications
  • Costs to carry out website developments, updates and enhancements

The scheme has been successfully open since 2014 and has been extended through 2023.

Businesses are encouraged to determine their eligibility to apply for the Micro Invest Scheme here.

Concluding Remarks

At Visibly, we will provide excellent and reliable web development service that suits your business needs. We genuinely want to provide the services that your business requirements, and love to see you save a buck by applying for a government scheme.

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