Why a Highly Reliable Hosting Matters?

A common question of prospective website owners consists of what are the factors that makes a website successful? The answer to this question involves a number of factors, however a key element in having an effective website to have a highly reliable and high uptime hosting service.

Let’s start from the basics. What is Hosting after all? And why should I need it? Hosting or also known as Web site hosting or web hosting is a service of renting dedicated computer space to place files, information and content that makes up a website so that it can be displayed on the internet. These files are stored on a server known as host. Hence this is why it is referred to as web hosting.

When a user visits your website the files in the hosting are displayed in the browser. This is the reason why a reliable web host is required in order to ensure a fast and consistent response to the visitor that came to your website.


What are the characteristics to look for when selecting a good web hosting?


1. Downtime

Downtime is the time in which your website is not online and as a result visitors cannot access it. There are two types of downtime. Scheduled downtime which is planned to carry out maintenance work and unscheduled downtime which occurs due to unexpected faults and issues. Nonetheless, it is vital that a reliable web host has little downtime to avoid those frustrating moments of a down website.

2. Support

As we have discussed before support is important as the product itself. Thus when selecting a hosting provider it is essential to confirm that the web hosting service comes with a fully-fledged support service to address issues which may occur. A 24/7 support service is always recommended and it is always a plus if you could have a dedicated account manager that could provide you instant support instead of just email or ticketing system support.


3. Speed

A stellar web-hosting cannot be complete without having fast service, that loads your website instantly on desktop and mobile. Nowadays everyone tend to have a tight schedule so one cannot expect visitors to wait for a slow loading website. Moreover, a fast website is also good for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


4. Backups

Business continuity and contingency planning are very important aspects to consider in the modern web landscape. Automated backups of your website provide the necessary peace of mind that if your website is damaged or hacked, it can be restored it to its’ original state. This is important given that cyber-attacks are constantly on the rise and it would be a pity that one would loose the hard-work and investment that was put in their website.


5. Reputation

The choice for web-hosting is extensive, thus it is highly recommended that one does not only look at the price tag but also on reputation. Most reliable web host plans, tend to have thousands of users for a reason. Have a look at reviews by independent sites and make a judegement call on the reliability of the hosting provider. Most often than not it turns out that, reliable web hosting are not the cheapest. However, the advantages and features provided outweigh the additional price being paid.


6.Scaling Ability

Everyone in business intends to scale. That is why it is important that the web hosting provider allows the ability to scale your hosting space and speed to cater for more traffic or more ambitious projects. Ensure that the hosting provider allows for easy upgrades in order to meet the business needs of tomorrow.


Concluding Remarks

At Visibly reliability is what we rely on, and thus we provide all our clients premium hosting services that yield a 99.9% uptime guarantee and round the clock support.

We offer hosting packages based on your unique needs and requirements. However don’t worry, our plans and packages are scalable up and down at any point in time to meet your capacity and resource requirements.

Our cloud hosting solutions enables lightning-fast websites that are constantly monitored against potential malware and threats from hackers.

Daily backups are taken to keep your mind at rest in the event of a mistake or unforeseen events. Talk to us for a free consultation on your web hosting requirements, in order to  provide you a tailored solution that fits your business needs


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