Advantages of WordPress Powered Websites

We all heard about WordPress, but if not this insight hopes to make this a familiar term. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that provides the opportunity to businesses at all levels, to build websites and attain a solid online presence to thrive in the highly competitive world.

In the market there tends to be a significant number of website builders, however, WordPress tends to offer the complete solution to own a professional website for any business.

Numerous reasons are present, to why WordPress is considered by Visibly as the Content Management System of choice. Some of the benefits are outlined below:


1. Global Use

WordPress powers 39% of the web from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. Millions of users make use of WordPress as the CMS of choice to develop their websites.

WordPress powers 39% of the web from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies.

2. 100% Website Customisation

A unique selling feature of WordPress is its’ extensive level of customization that can be achieved. If you’re looking for a unique looking and astounding website, then WordPress will do the job. WordPress provides websites that are responsive, fast, and also mobile-optimized to any device and browser.

The versatility of WordPress enables extensive developers that are able to develop and maintain WordPress in the event that one wants to change their current web development company.


3. Complete Control of your site

WordPress enables every user irrespective of their background to be able to update pages, change images and upload or modify articles. Visibly provide training as part of all our packages to get your employees able to make the necessary updates on your sites.


4. SEO Friendliness

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consists of the practices to enables search engines to rank your websites to the right target audience. This is very important for the success of any website. A website is of little use if it has little or no visitors. WordPress provides a framework to enables SEO and increase traffic and conversion of leads and sales to your business. Luckily, search engines love WordPress sites. The use of WordPress enables the implementation of XML sitemaps, to direct Google’s bots to your website pages based on search relevance. This will save you money on SEO and gets your website to increase your business success.


5. Security

WordPress is a platform that is built with secure engineering principles. Inherently, WordPress is a safe and secure platform to build a business website that can be showcased securely to the world. WordPress continuous updates address security issues through WordPress security teams that protect websites from viruses, hacking and malicious attacks. Privacy by design is embedded in the WordPress platform, to ensure that the personal and commercial data are kept secure from data breaches.


6. Caters for growth

WordPress sites are highly scalable, whether you have a single page portfolio website to thousands of pages of products, without compromising on performance and quality.


7. Unlimited users

Want to have more than one person taking care of your website? WordPress has no user limits and one can assign users access levels based on preference and user capability.

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Concluding Remarks

WordPress is a powerful and effective global platform that brings to the table a cost-effective solution that yields high-quality websites. This is why WordPress is the preferred CMS at Visibly in building world-class websites.

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